Nobody Knows // Dare mo shiranai (Multi)


  • Date de sortie (2h 21min
  • Réalisé par : Hirokazu Kore-Eda
  • Avec : Yûya Yagira, Ayu Kitaura, Hiei Kimura
  • Genre : Drame
  • Nationalité : Japonais

DL JAP Sub Multi : TORR , TORR

STREAM VOSTFR : Daylimotion

From Wikipedia :


Nobody Knows tells the story of four siblings and their young mother who move into a small apartment in Tokyo. The film begins when the family is moving into a small rented apartment. Only the eldest, Akira is known to the landlord, while Shigeru and Yuki hide in separate luggage. The elder sister, Kyoko, comes separately by train. All the children have different fathers. They are not allowed to go to school or to be seen by others, and only Akira is allowed to go outside. Yet, the family seems to be happy.
Things begin to change when their mother leaves home for a few months, leaving only a small amount of money for them. Then, Akira's rank in the family shifts overnight and he becomes the surrogate head of the family. They barely manage to scrape through life, with Akira having to ask money from Yuki's possible fathers. Luckily, their mother soon returns with gifts for the children.
However, their mother is not back for long. She tells Akira that she has a new boyfriend, and that after she gets married, the children can lead normal lives. She then leaves again, with the promise that she will be back for Christmas. She does not keep her promise, and Akira and Kyoko have to play the role of parents. Akira soon finds out that she has already married and left them forever, though he does not tell the rest. Money soon becomes short, and they cannot afford to pay their rent. Their meals consist of instant cup noodles brought from the local mini-mart. On Yuki's birthday, she asks to go to the train to wait for their mother. Her mother does not appear, but on the way back, Akira promises Yuki that one day, he will bring her to the Tokyo Monorail to see the airplanes take-off at Haneda Airport.
Akira soon befriends two video-game loving boys who are his age. They frequently come to Akira's house to play video games, and Akira starts to neglect his siblings. Their ties become strained. Later, the two boys bring Akira to the mini-mart and dare him to shoplift. Akira refuses to do so and the two boys leave him. After that, Akira lets his siblings go outside and play at a park nearby. He also lets them visit the mini-mart and buy things they like.
As winter turns to spring, the bills have piled up and the electric, gas, and phone have all been turned off. Therefore, they have to make use of the local park's public toilet to wash themselves, and the tap for their water. It is on one of these trips that Shigeru starts a conversation with a high school student, Saki, who does not go to school, and this soon blossoms into a friendship between all of them. Saki frequently visits them and helps take care of them. However, when she offers to earn money to give to them by visiting a Karaoke lounge with a man, Akira distances himself from her, rejects the money she offers, and runs home.
Summer approaches, and money remains very tight. Suddenly, Yuki falls off a stool while trying to reach for something and dies. At that time, Akira was playing baseball. The children are shocked, and Akira has to go find Saki to borrow money. Akira uses this money to buy a lot of chocolate candies, and places it into the suitcase with Yuki's dead body and favorite stuffed bunny. Akira and Saki then take the Tokyo Monorail to an open field near Haneda Airport's runway and bury the suitcase containing Yuki in a hand-dug grave. The children's lives then goes on as usual, and the film ends after Shigeru finds a coin in a payphone and the children (Akira, Saki, Kyoko, and Shigeru) walk away into the distance.


Keiko, mère célibataire plutôt volage, vit seule avec ses quatre enfants, Akira, Kyoko, Shigeru et Yuki. Ceux-ci, âgés entre cinq et douze ans, sont issus de quatre pères différents. Tout ce petit monde emménage en cachette dans un appartement plus spacieux (en effet, afin d'avoir le logement, Keiko doit faire croire au propriétaire qu'elle n'a qu'un fils en lui cachant l'existence des trois autres petits). Akira assume toutes les tâches ménagères, avec l'aide de sa sœur Kyoko, pendant que leur mère travaille. Or, un jour, celle-ci ne revient pas du travail et part rejoindre un nouvel amant. Les enfants sont alors livrés à eux-mêmes.


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